It is with great pleasure that Queen Cayce presents to you a Royal Selection of Fairy Doors made lovingly by none other than Head Doormaker Gepetto himself.
There are 11 SUPERB designs for you to choose from, available in 4 shades of blue and pink. All doors are lovingly hand crafted, hand painted, and hand decorated with beautiful magic crystals and magic flowers.
And not only that but they are then sprinkled with magic fairy glitter by Queen Cayce herself to bring magic into people’s lives. The doors offer special protection to anybody that has one in their house, for you not only have the super protective force of your own personal fairy but the full protective force from the whole fairy realm.

Cayce' Fairy Doors

The Fairy Doors are designed for internal purposes only, as Queen Cayce wants every Fairy Door owner to have precious close access to the wonderful world of fairies and all the great good they have to offer the wonderful humans of the world who they love so much.
Every child has her own personal fairy, that oversees the best for all for that child throughout their life, and even into adulthood, for your fairy never leaves your side night or day. All you have to do is call upon him or her, and ZOOM they are there right beside you to love and guide you and help you in anyway they possibly can.
The lovely Fairy Doors are spiritual and dimensional focus point connections to the majestic fairy world and it is the child’ personal fairy that makes sure all the other lovely little fairies are doing their wonderful work of guiding and helping and imparting the best of knowledge for that child to be the best SUPER HUMAN BEING they can ever be.

Fairy Communication, Duties and Responsibilities​

The fairies are forever helpful to their protectees and never ever stop trying to communicate with them 24/7. Even though we cannot maybe ever see them they are forever close by and are always always always trying to communicate the best information to us about all things glorious and how to live super happy lives and be super happy people. And all this on top of their other duties of protecting the planet. My oh my, the work of a fairy is never done, but they absolutely love all they do so never be afraid to call upon the fairies forabsolutely anything at all, no matter how big or small, the fairies are only too delighted to help. They love all.

Fairy Global Mission

Yes, the lovely fairies work really really hard to lovingly protect this beautiful Mother Earth and all that wonderfully grows and all those that reside in it,big and small alike. For it is only then, when they have taught and shown humans the most intelligent of all the species on Mother Earth, how to be SUPER HUMAN BEINGS for themselves and to everyone else, then theirwork becomes so somuch easier and the planet becomes a more JOYOUS and WONDERFUL place to live.

Fairy Book Series

To show humans how to be SUPER HUMAN BEINGS, Fairy Cayce has compiled the knowledge from the fairies that live in some of the villages in Fairy Land so you have constant access to all the super learning and teaching the fairies have to offer. They are always 24/7 protecting and trying to guide and show you to be the best human you could ever be.

How do the lovely fairies communicate teach and show people to become SUPER HUMAN BEINGS? The lovely fairies communicate and teach and show people through thoughts and feelings, and synchronicity and signs. such as things that make you think nice things and feel great about something, and of course the books that Queen Cayce has especially prepared for the owners of the lovely fairy doors.

​When you think and feel happy, and have the urge and feel great about doing things for others and your environment, that’s your fairies working for you, for they are always trying their utmost best to prompt you into better thinking and feeling.

Sometimes it can be a tv show that you watch and think ..hmm I’d like to be like that person as it would make me a better person, or it could be seeing an act of kindness that makes you think- wasn’t that lovely, I would like to help someone that way too in the future, or it could be a lovely thought about doing or helping someone or getting lovely compliments from other people-because that’s the other persons fairies working for them telling them to compliment you.

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