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Gepetto introduces Mushroom Fairyland Series Book 1

Gepetto introduces Mushroom Fairyland Series Book 1

Welcome to Book 1 of Fairy Series of books ‘Gepetto introduces Mushroom Fairyland’.
Join Gepetto, newly appointed ‘Chief Fairy Door Maker’ for all fairy doors worldwide, who has been given special permission by the good fairy Queen Cayce, to take readers on a walk-through tour of Mushroom Fairyland to meet all the lovely little fairies residing there. Each fairy is only too delighted to meet and engage with the readers and bestow them with super valuable knowledge, rewards and magical fairy dust blessings.
There are 3 versions of this book to cater for different age groups. Each successive version has more detailed writing to expand the teaching and wisdom of the fairies. Version 1 for younger readers. Version 2 for mid-level readers. Version 3 for advanced readers. The basic underlying principles are the same but each book is different in turn.



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