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Peader and da Countin of da Sheeps

Peader and da Countin of da Sheeps

Peader is back in this Book 2 in the Peader Series. Still living with his mother and dreaming of castles and yachts and hay, he has his duties and responsibilities to attend to, (dem sheeps to be counted) and Mondays don’t make it any easier. Delicately awoken by his shouting mother kicking his bed he has to leave his castles yachts and hay dreams behind him and face the day ahead. Counting sheep is hard at the best of times and Mondays are always worse. But with the luck of God on Peader’s side, he meets his friend Seamus (Leprechaun on the Shelf off his Shelf) and he comes up with an ingenious way of solving the problem that is ‘the countin of da sheeps’.

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