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Peader and the Leprechaun

Peader and the Leprechaun

Peader like most others, ourselves included, has dreams, ones while asleep and ones while awake. While his sleep ones are that for another book, or series of books (possibly even psychiatric counselling) one awake dream is the subject of this exciting adventure-catching a Leprechaun.

Leprechauns, small mythical creatures of legend, guardians of gold, shoe keepers many, party loving, fun mad and extremely mischievous, have long eluded all those who seek them. Peader one day finds to his surprise one sleeping against a church wall. Remembering never to take his eyes off him, lest he disappear into thin air, he embarks across field, ditch and stream to the Leprechauns secret gold hide. But things take a surprising turn for the worst and Peader loses his valuable catch and his dream is short lived. A fun story for all ages it teaches us never to give up our dreams.

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