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The Bull Chase

The Bull Chase

Our hero Christopher is out walking on a lovely warm, sky-blue summer’s morning through the lush Irish countryside with its 40 shades of wonderful green. The joy and wonder of nature, light cooling breeze on his face, the swishing of grass underneath his feet, the distant birdsong chorus in the trees, the sound of snotting and hooves stomping behind him, Huh? What?? Wait, did someone say snorting and hooves? Oh dear...It appears that a rather ‘upset’ bull is none too happy with Christopher walking through his manor...Time to...hmm, what is it people should do in a crisis? Oh yes, that’s it- runnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

Poor Christopher is thrillingly pursued across the country, across streams and over mountains by the Angry Bull. Whatever will be his fate...A lovely fun filled chase for all ages. Guaranteed to please! (Disclaimer-author bias hehe)



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