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The Dragon’s Lair

The Dragon’s Lair

The Great Knight of Good, Christopher, finds himself tasked with the problem, oops I mean the challenge (as there are no such things as problem’s only challenges!) of a fierce fire breathing dragon that has been terrorising King Midas’s Kingdom. Many brave men have went before and all have failed. Christopher has to take stock of his many fears and enter the ghastly dragon’s lair (a relatively quiet suburban 1 bedroom cave, nestled into the side of a hill, spacious, but ample room for a dragon, all mod cons) to confront the beast (fairytale term, not author’s opinion!)

The salvation of the Kingdom, maybe even mankind, depends on him!! Plus, as a nice bonus he gets a gold sword. WAIT, there’s more, as a 2nd bonus he gets the hand of the King’s daughter, who he has been dating quite some time unknown to the King!! Can he, do it?? If you want something enough YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!

A lovely tension building story teaching children to face their fears and tackle their brave, be strong, overcome! But with a funny twist at the end!!

(It’s ok-No fierce fire breathing dragons were hurt in the making of this book :))



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