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The Evil Witch

The Evil Witch

The Great Hero of Good Christopher, this time finds himself tasked with dealing with the problem (oops, I mean challenge) of an evil witch that has been scaring and putting the heebee jeebee’s on all the inhabitants of the Queendom of Gortroedom reigned over by the Good Queen Cayce. Many brave men have went before and all have failed, luckily or we wouldn’t have this story to tell.

Christopher has to take stock of his many fears and enter the Forest of Darkeyeseverywhere to get to the Evil Witch’s home! The salvation of the Queendom depends on him!! Can he, do it??

A lovely tension building story teaching children to face their fears and tackle their inner brave, be strong, overcome! As with the series there will be a twist at the end!!

(It’s ok-No Evil Witches were hurt in the making of this book :))




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